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Aircrew Throughout the Years

Rick Morgan WW1 EWO

Waller - Padgett 100th Mission Success

200th Mission Parade

WW1 Start of the Legends

Jim Marquis

Pete Tsouprake

Gordon Jenkins, Korat 1973 and the F-105

Leo Thorness and H. Johnson

F-4 Iranian Deployment

Scouting the Countryside

On one of the weekends, they took us to tour the ruins of Persepolis.

The first Pix is of the original gate to the city of Shiraz.  They told us it was 2600 years old. 

Next is the countryside.  Its amazingly desolate.

A few shots of the ruins.  Still pretty good for ~2600 years old.

John Hill & John Buick

100 Missions over Vietnam

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