The Society of Wild Weasels

F-105s Hunting

Pete Psouprake and Bill Robinsons 100th mission celebration. L to Right. Pete Tsouprake, Bill Robinson,Bob Tondearu,Ken Ryckman,Clyde Hayman, Mack Angel.

F-105G with Strike and Standard ARM

F-105G on Flightline

Going Hunting F-105G and Crews

Wild Weasel with Names

John Hill and John Buick celebrate their return from their successful 100th Mission

F-105G #275 with all its Teeth!

F-105G leading HunterKiller Team

17 WWS Aircrew 1972-1973

Korat Flightline at night 1972

Korat Following Cease-Fire probably 1973

Thuds at Korat 1972

Crossing into LAOS F-105G

Shrikes in Action

Jerry Hoblett and Bear Wilson

Meryl Deflethsen and Mike Gilroy

It's a Good Day to Go Hunting

Billy Sparks and Carlo Lombardo

Shooter flagship tail 550 “rails clean” at the deployed location

Plaque for Thud G #278 at Mather Park

"Bat Bird"

Address: Society of Wild Weasels, P.O. Box 877, Silver Spring, MD 20918


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