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Wild Weasel Historical Documents

The Advanced Wild Weasel – Jerry Looper, 2000.  A technically oriented paper written for his children so that they would know what he did when he went to work every day.  It is dedicated to Bob Sumpter, WW# 831, who was his supervisor during much of the time.  

The SA-2 and SR-71 – John A. Schell, 2020.  John served at the Air Force Avionics Lab.  Initially, he supported the SA-2 SADRAM QRC, research on airborne active element phased array radar, spotlight mode radar technology, and spotlight technology transition. Later he became the ASARS lead engineer and Chief Avionics Engineer for the U-2/SR-71. With industry, he supported multiple ISR projects including ASARS fielding, SR-71 program re-start, U-2 rapid targeting system, and RQ-4 Interoperability. Since 2017, John has been retired and a volunteer at the National Museum of the USAF.

 F-105 Plaques Dedicated at the Air Force Academy – Howard Plunkett, 2018. On 6 August 2018, the Air Force Academy held a long overdue recognition of the F-105’s service during the Vietnam War by commemorating two bronze plaques mounted on the wall of the Academy’s Southeast Asia War Pavilion.  

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