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F-16 Viper Weasels Hunting

Not a bad day to be a Gambler Wild Weasel
Gambler Maintenance What A View
77 FS Gambler Pride
Red Flag, Vegas and the 77 FS Gamblers ready day or night!
77 FS Gamblers about to provide the Winning Hand at Red Flag
Tiger Weasels Win Danger Close Mission
On 11 Dec 2019, the 79th fought to defend the lives of personnel on Bagram. In the early morning hours, a 2000-pound vehicle-borne IED created a breach in the perimeter wall, while 11 insurgents heavily armed with suicide vests, rocket-propelled grenades, small arms, and heavy machine guns took control 3 buildings on the base. Amidst the ongoing firefight, wearing helmets and body armor, Tiger pilots and maintainers launched jets directly in the hellfire while rockets continued to impact near the flight line. The 79th helped coordinate the base response from the air, dropping 10 precision-guided weapons within Danger Close, killing all remaining 9 terrorists inside the base. All For Freedom! Great job Tigers!
Tigers getting ready to move from Afghanistan
SecAF signing the bomb!
Actual GBU-54 signed by CSAF used in Danger Close