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Interviews on Wild Weasels Missions

First Air Force Strike against Paul Doumer Bridge

This is the transcript of a taped interview with Major General James E. McInerney, Jr. regarding the first Air Force strike against the Paul Doumer Bridge in North Vietnam on 11 August 1967. As a Lt. Col., he was the 13th TFS Commander at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base who led the Wild Weasel force from Korat during the strike. He and his EWO, Capt Fred W. Shannon, were awarded the Air Force Cross. The interviewer was W. Howard Plunkett, who conducted the interview at the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, AL. John J. Revak transcribed the taped interview on 2 February 2006.

Dugan WW Interview on Desert Storm

Dugan WW Interview on Desert Storm initiatives


Another Forrest Gump Adventure: Getting to Tell My Story

Like Forrest Gump, who somehow  gets involves in events not of his choosing: 

     I was just standing around when Joey M , Ex Dir of Village on  the Green ( my CCRC) asked  if I would not mind being interviewed by LeadingAGE Southeast Senior Living for their  Winter edition magazine. Seeing this as chance to get in some good words in for my  CCRC.,The Wild Weasels, our Brede-Wilkins Scholarship Program and the Air Warrior Courage Foundation, I agreed.

     Yes, it may be my story, but it is really about all the great organizations that I have been priviledged to associate with.


Aka Stanry, Kosher Bear