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Wild Weasel Society Education Grants

Objective: Provide support to worthy candidates for books, college, & graduate expenses.

SOWW Grants—The following grant is administered through the Air Warrior Courage Foundation.

The Bill Hickey Grant—Bill Hickey was a pioneer in the Weasel program. Recommended for someone majoring in an aeronautical or electrical engineering program or going into flying training.

If funding is available and the need arises, additional grants may be made in honor of the following:

The Col. Leo Thorsness Grant. Col Thorsness was a Medal of Honor recipient and a prisoner of war who set the Wild Weasel standard for courage.

The Col. Harry Johnson Grant. As Col Thorsness’s crew mate and Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) Col Johnson’s courage and resilience also set a standard for courage.

The Lt. Col. Allan Lamb Grant. Lt. Col. Alan Lamb was the pilot of the first enemy surface to air (SAM) kill in Vietnam. “SAM sighted, SAM killed” was his report to the Joint Chiefs following a harrowing engagement.

The Maj. Jack Donovan Grant. Maj. Jack Donovan was the EWO who along with Lt Col Lamb achieved the first kill. He is also the inventor of the Wild Weasel battlecry “YGBSM”. When told of his future mission, Donovan stated “You got to be shitting me!” and then volunteered.

Pierre Levy grant: In addition to possible Wild Weasel Society Grants, the Society works through the River Rats and Air Warrior Courage Foundation to support the Pierre Levy grant. Lt Col (ret) Irwin “Pierre” Levy was Wild Weasel Society #2 and had a great career as an original Weasel. When he passed he left money for annual grants to deserving students and the Wild Weasel Society has supported that through the River Rats Association. For more on this grant please go to the River Rats Scholarship

Major George Miklos Grant: For his conspicuous gallantry and valor in combat Major George Miklos was awarded the Silver Star three times and the Distinguished Flying Cross six times. He was an exceptional aviator and a remarkable weapons and tactics instructor. This grant is given to an Electronic Warfare Officer assigned to the 390th Electronic Combat Squadron who best exemplifies the courage under fire and electronic warfare mentoring expertise demonstrated by Major George Miklos

Recent Awards

2022 Pierre Levy Grant
Pierre Levy Grant Recipient for 2022

The winner of the Pierre Levy grant was Daniel Kraemer. He is an Engineering Major at the University of Arkansas. His grandfather flew Wild Weasels in Vietnam. His father is a C-130 Navigator. Super sharp young man as far as you can tell from his application. I sent him a copy of First In Last Out. Please let me know if you need any more particulars about Daniel. His picture will be in the upcoming MIG SWEEP naming him as the winner of the Pierre Levy Grant.


The committee to work these grants will be composed of three members of the SOWW to be selected by the Society of Wild Weasels Board Members. ROTC Detachments and/or AF Wings will select who gets these grants. Selections should be made on the basis of financial need and demonstrated academic achievement, funds will be sent to the student to be used as necessary for college or education needs.

The SOWW Grant program is to provide financial assistance primarily for full-time academic pursuits including tech schools. However, on a case-by-case basis, financial support for part-time studies will be reviewed. Graduate grants can be awarded for part-time students.

SOWW funds are to be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board. The SOWW grants will be an amount determined by the ROTC cadre or AF Wings Chief based on the students demonstrated need and available funding.

SOWW grants are for one academic year—defined as starting with the Fall Semester (August/September) and ending after the next calendar year’s summer Session (July/August.)