Society of Wild Weasels

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Who is eligible for Membership?

Members or former members of the United States Armed Forces, Industry, Civil Service, and other organizations or individuals as defined below are eligible for regular SOWW membership: 

  1. U.S.Armed Forces:  A military member that actively participated in the Wild Weasel (WW) Hunter-Killer Mission or contributed to the WW program, concept, or mission.
  2. Industry:  Made unique contributions to the WW program, concept, or mission as a contractor.
  3. Civil Service:  Contributed to the WW program, concept, or mission as a U.S. Government civilian employee.
  4. Other Organizations or Individuals:  Supporters of the WW program, concept, or mission other than those defined above, as determined by UNANIMOUS VOTE of the Board.

Regular Member

  1. Life Member:  Active member that has paid life membership dues.  A WW who becomes a Prisoner of War (POW) during the execution of a WW Mission is automatically a Life Member. 
  2. Active Member:  Dues paid through the current year.
  3. Inactive Member:  Dues in arrears more than six months. 
  4. Honorary Member:  Individuals that have an interest, belief, and support the SOWW and WW Concept but do not qualify for Regular Membership.  Selection requires unanimous vote of the Board.
  5. Surviving Family Member Family members of a deceased member, eligible to participate in SOWW functions.  No dues are required ever.
  6. Associate Member An individual that does not meet Regular Membership Criteria in Article 1 but has an interest, belief, and supports the SOWW and WW Concept.  Selection requires unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.  Associate members are eligible for all the member social benefits, but they may not make nominations, hold office, or vote in elections.  After the membership application fee, they do not pay additional dues.




Already a Member?

If you are already a SOWW member and would like to update your membership or gain access to this site, please contact the Board

LifeTime Discounts

Lifetime discounts are available to any Regular Member starting at age 50, discounting $10 per year to age 70+ (max $200 discount)

Use the Discount Code from the Lifetime Discounts page associated with your age on your next birthday to enter in the Discount code section on the next page. This will properly invoice you for Lifetime Membership. If you have any problems, contact us at

Regain Currency

If you are Non Current, you have the option of renewing as a Regular Member or as a Lifetime member.  If you are a Regular Member you have the option to sign up for Lifetime Membership.  After you select Edit Your member profile below please select Change Membership level to continue.  This will take you through the renewal for Regular or Lifetime Membership.  Once your dues are paid you will have access to the entire site.

If you are over 50 and upgrading to Lifetime Membership, the administrators have to apply the discount.  Ensure you enter your year of birth into the application so that the administrator can apply the discount to your invoice.  If you plan to pay online, please wait for the updated invoice before paying. 


Lifetime Membership Discounts

If you are over 50 years old, you qualify for a discount in your Lifetime Membership fee.  Please enter the year of your birth on the application.  You will also need to enter the discount code that corresponds to your age on your next birthday. 

Age on Next Birthday

Discount Discount Code 


























































 70 and above



Lifetime Membership – $300.00 (USD)Subscription period: Unlimited