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DESERT STORM Night One First Baghdad Mission

This Flag was flown over Baghdad by the first Surface to Air Suppression Mission of Desert Storm. A joint USAF-USN strike that included 12 F-4Gs, 4-EF-111s, 4 F-15s, 4-F-14s, 4 A-6s, 4 EA-6Bs, 4 F-18s and 38 drones that followed a F-117 attack and cruise missile launch. The names represent the 24 crew members from the Weasels who participated in this first strike on night one. This flag was flown in the Package Commander’s lead aircraft and was part of the first two HARM missiles against Baghdad Air Defenses. These names represent 24 HARMS against Eastern Baghdad.

Coors 31 Attack Card by JohnBoy for Mission 1 to Baghdad, comm out targeting on the Left side for the 4 ship (16 ship Weasel Package)


Johnboy’s lineup card for Mission 1 for WildWeasels to Baghdad 


Coors31 Ingress and Egress with Tankers, Night 1 first Mission to Bagdad, JohnBoy’s Line up card

The Men and Women of the 35th Fighter Wing after a successful DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM In Bahrain