Society of Wild Weasels

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Friday 12th April 2024 at the Compass Rose Event Center

Narrator — Tom “Hollywood” Hanton

Speaker — Col Dave “Zeke” Skalicky, 33 FW/CC
Reader — Larry “LABud” Allen
Benediction — ED “Victor” Ballanco
1100  Bus arrives people seated, Narrator announces that all drinks are available now and that the official program will start at 1115
1100  Narrator Welcomes everyone and asks them to stand for the Honor Guard

                      Honor Guard Posts the Colors and we have the National Anthem

                       (Following the event the Honor Guard remains for lunch as Weasel guests)

1118  Benediction by Ed “Victor” Ballanco
1120  Narrator thanks the Honor Guard and invites the head table to go to lunch.

            (Head table consists of 33rd Wing CC and Spouse (Mrs, Kristene Skalicky), Hollywood, Budmam, Brig Gen (Ret) Thunder Thornton and Lisa Thornton

1130  Hollywood introduces the 33rd FW CC for speech
1132  33rd FW CC Speech
1145  LABud Allen steps up to the mic and announces the Memorial for our fallen
1200  Budman & Hollywood provide Wing CC with Coin and Weasel TSHIRT for the speech, 33rd FW CC exits
1230  Hollywood conclude the luncheon, reminds everyone that the next event will be at the Island Resort Hotel
1300  350th spectrum Warfare Briefing