Society of Wild Weasels

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Interview with Fred Shannon, John Boy Walton on what it was like to take a squadron to war, and Gary Roberts’ thoughts on the last Weasel mission in Linebacker 2.   PDF


Memorial Day, interview with Lt Gen (ret) Larsen, Fred Eschmann on being a Lt Maintenance Officer during Linebacker 2, and the River Rat Museum.  PDF


In the August edition we have interviews with Lt Gen (Ret) Sam Angelella whose history is the history of the Viper as a Wild Weasel and Lt Gen (Ret) Peewee Fick whose tenure as the F-35 PEO and Deputy were instrumental in its development. We have a lot going on with the 11-14 October unveiling of the River Rats Museum (see below for links) and its Wild Weasel displays to our own reunion in April 2024 at Eglin.  PDF